You Want Views? We’ve Got Views!

If there is one thing Calaveras County has, no matter what part of it you’re in, it’s magnificent scenery! From the rolling, oak-studded hills of Burson and Valley Springs, to the jagged, layered-limestone cliffs and bluffs of Mountain Ranch, to the breeze-cooled canyons where the Stan and the Moke and their streams and tributaries flow through the pine- and cedar-filled forests, there are always fantastic views to behold.

Taking a look through the MLS today, I noticed that there are several homes on the market that make the most of their surroundings with views aplenty to enjoy. So without further ado, here they are (in no particular order):

128 Avalanch
The view from 128 Avalanche.

128 Avalanche Bear Valley, CA  95223 is a 1,650 sq ft chalet-style cabin in the high country with 2 bedrooms and 2 baths situated on 0.4 acres of land and currently listed for sale at $449,000.

3136 Meacham Ranch Rd., Angels Camp
3136 Meacham Ranch Rd., Angels Camp

3136 Meacham Ranch Road Angels Camp, CA  95221 is a boutique winery with over 900 vines, 16 olive trees, 2 wine cellars and lots of room to grow on it’s 5+ acres, besides having a gorgeous 1890 sq ft, 3 bedroom, 2 bath home with large patio and bocce ball court only 3 miles or so north of Angels Camp. It is currently listed for sale at $495,000.




The view from 14549 Waldears Path
The view from 14549 Waldears Path



14549 Waldears Path Mountain Ranch, CA  95246 is a 75+ acre horse property with a custom 2200 sq ft, 3 bedroom 3 bathroom cabin in the woods above the sleepy town of Sheep Ranch. The views from this mountain paradise, currently listed at $648,900, are phenomenal!




View from 3155 Hawver Rd. near San Andreas
View from 3155 Hawver Rd. near San Andreas


3155 Hawver San Andreas, CA  95249 boasts 2(!) 2 bedroom 2 bath homes on over 52 acres with a total of over 2500 ft of living space! This is off the grid living at it’s finest, with solar-power, a giant water storage tank, and tons of space for gardening, as well as some superlative views of the surrounding foothills! This amazing property is currently available for only $600,000!


View of 18 John Ebbetts Rd. home in Bear Valley
View of 18 John Ebbetts Rd. home in Bear Valley



18 John Ebbetts Bear Valley, CA  95223 is a real life ski chalet in the winter and a wonderful getaway cabin in the summer! It is situated on 0.37 acres of property between Bear Valley Village and Bear Lake, has an incredibly cozy-feeling 3000 sq ft of living space with 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and it’s own sauna! This glorious home with panoramic views from almost every window is currently available for $539,000!



If you own a home with amazing views like these, share your favorite view pictures with me on Facebook, and I’ll be sure to include them in a future article on this subject!

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Recently Sold Homes in Calaveras County – $400K+

Here’s a listing of everything that has sold in Calaveras County (that was listed for sale in our MLS) with a home already on it over the last month for $400,000 or more: (You can click on the link below for a more detailed copy of the information and pictures!)

Sold Listings 01/27/2016 – 02/27/2016

5005 Treosti Pl., Valley Springs, CA 95252 – Listed at $424,950 – Sold for $385,000 – DaysOnMarket = 7, 4Bedroom/2Bath, 1904 sq ft, 3.04 acres

955 Quaking Aspen, Bear Valley, CA 95223 – Listed at $429,000 – Sold for $392,500 – DOM = 59, 3BR/2BA, 2121 sq ft, 0.28 acre

20262 Sommette Dr., Sonora, CA 95370 – Listed at $429,000 – Sold for $420,000 – DOM = 128, 3BR/3BA, 2790 sq ft, 2.74 acres

626 Outback Way, Railroad Flat, CA 95248 – Listed at $450,000 – Sold for $430,000 – DOM = 12, 3BR/2BA, 1320 sq ft, 41 acres

3793 Cosgrove Creek, Valley Springs, CA 95252 – Listed at $448,000 – Sold for $438,000 – DOM = 68, 3BR/2.5BA, 2635 sq ft, 6 acres

5575 Messing, Valley Springs, CA 95252 – Listed at $450,000 – Sold for $440,000 – DOM = 86, 3BR/2BA, 1560 sq ft, 5.12 acres

44 Apollo Ln., Copperopolis, CA 95228 – Listed at $459,000 – Sold for $443,000 – DOM = 303, 4BR/4.5BA, 4045 sq ft, 0.27 acre

1322 Hogan Dam Rd., Valley Springs, CA 95252 – Listed at $443,900 – Sold for $443,900 – DOM = 37, 3BR/2.5BA, 2151 sq ft, 3.37 acres

197 Quail Meadow Lane, Copperopolis, CA 95228 – Listed at $499,000 – Sold for $445,000 – DOM = 40, 2BR/2.5BA, 2600 sq ft, 0.31 acre

910 St. Andrews, Valley Springs, CA 95252 – Listed at $449,000 – Sold for $449,000 – DOM = 123, 4BR/2.5BA, 2863 sq ft, 0.3 acre

6671 Ospital Valley Springs, CA 95252 – Listed at $470,000 – Sold for $470,000 – DOM = 23, 3BR/2BA, 2624 sq ft, 5 acres

50 Dana Road, Valley Springs, CA 95252 – Listed at $479,000 – Sold for $479,000 – DOM = 94, 4BR/4BA, 2503 sq ft, 7.94 acres

2995 Lakewood Dr., Arnold, CA 95223 – Listed at $499,000 – Sold for $492,000 – DOM = 109, 2BR/2.5BA, 2877 sq ft, 0.37 acre

3268 Sunset Ridge Dr., Murphys, CA 95247 – Listed at $549,000 – Sold for $510,000 – DOM = 181, 3BR/3BA, 2446 sq ft, 7.33 acres

627 Live Oak Dr., Angels Camp, CA 95222 – Listed at $549,000 – Sold for $542,500 – DOM = 91, 3BR/3BA, 2788 sq ft, 0.38 acre

1434 Kickapoo Ct., Dorrington, CA 95223 – Listed at $569,000 – Sold for $548,000 – DOM = 50, 3BR/4BA, 2965 sq ft, 0.46 acre

The Ultimate Emergency Contact List for Calaveras County

Emergency Telephone

Emergency Numbers

Calaveras County Fire Department                                                  209 754-6639

Angels Camp Fire Department                                                           209 736-4081

Murphys Fire Department                                                                  209 728-3864

Arnold Fire Department                                                                       209 795-1646

Mark Twain St. Josephs Hospital                                                      209 754-3521

Sonora Community Hospital                                                               209 532-3161

Poison Control                                                                                         800 876-4766

Obviously, if it’s a medical emergency, CALL 911!


Calaveras County Sheriff                                                                     209 754-6500

Angels Camp Police Department                                                       209 736-2567

California Highway Patrol (San Andreas)                                      209 754-3541

Animal Control                                                                                        209 754-6509

Road Conditions                                                                     800 427-ROAD (7623)

Happy 2016!

Happy New Year 2016Well, let’s start off the new year with some good news; the economy has been growing for 68 straight months! What that means is that people are becoming more comfortable with spending instead of holding onto that rainy day fund.

Now for the bad news; outside forces are always threatening to destabilize that sense of security. Whether it comes from China, North Korea, ISIS, or the Soviet Union, economic and civil issues are looming large in folk’s minds right now, and the US Presidential candidates and Federal Reserve are no doubt keeping a close eye on the rest of the world and how potential outcomes might affect the world-wide economy, and the one nearer and dearer to ours hearts as well.

It’s a new year, and as we all look forward to week after week of presidential campaign ads, let’s try and remember those less fortunate than ourselves, and be as helpful as we can to and for our fellow man (and animal).

Happy Thanksgiving!

Fall leads intoFB_IMG_1444777532182[1] winter and winter into spring, but first, let’s dig into some delicious turkey and stuffing and have ourselves a get together! Calaveras County is a fantastic place to spend your Thanksgiving holiday. We have some gorgeous foliage in great abundance during the fall months, and just the right amount of crispness in the air to make those stylish scarves and winter coats and boots a necessity.

If you have a winter cabin or second home in the Motherlode, now is an excellent time to have it winterized if you don’t plan on using it soon. Cold winter mornings have played witness to thousands of broken pipes, leading to thousands of dollars worth or repairs or cleanup after a flood. Likewise, if you have your home for sale and it is currently sitting vacant, please give your real estate agent a call and ask her to arrange to have your property winterized for you. It generally doesn’t cost much more than $100 to have it done if you don’t want to do it yourself, and could potentially save thousands in the long run. Just remember, if you do happen to get one of those rare winter buyers, you’ll have to foot the bill to have the property de-winterized in order for them to be able to have inspections performed.

Seller’s Alert – NOW is the time to start getting your property ship-shape if you intend to list it this spring! Box up those personal decorative items – family pictures, kid’s artwork, unused kitchen and bathroom appliances, etc., and sell, give away, or toss anything you no longer need. HAVE INSPECTIONS PERFORMED! Having the answers a buyer is going to want to know ahead of time puts you ahead of the game and reinforces your asking price. If you need to have work done; termite and pest, roof, septic, well, etc., and you let the buyer know what to expect in regards to that work (ie. your listing price represents and takes into account that the buyer is expected to be responsible for cost of repairs, or that the seller will have repairs done prior to close of escrow), you have more leverage in negotiations where the buyer wants to haggle over the price. Yes, I know inspections can run into the hundreds, but is that really not just a drop in the bucket compared to the thousands in repairs or a suitable reduction in price if the buyer finds out he’s not really getting what he thought he was paying for when you leave that responsibility up to the buyer?

I usually recommend that my sellers have a whole home inspection (usually around $450) and a roof inspection if the roof is over 15 years old (somewhere around $150 for this one). If the home inspector finds evidence of pests or pest damage, I’d take it a step further and get a pest inspection as well. And see, here’s the deal: If you want to be able to sell your home to someone who wants to finance it, the lender is going to require that you or the buyer provides clearances for the septic, well, pest and/or roof from a licensed inspector in order to approve the loan. Otherwise, you are going to be limiting your buyer pool to only those with enough cash to close the deal… which could result in additional months sitting on the market and unnecessary additional carrying expense for you, the seller. And that’s a bummer. We don’t want bummed sellers, we want blissful sellers! So take my advice and have those inspections done ahead of time!

Meanwhile, I want to wish you all a warm, family and fun-filled Thanksgiving holiday with some fantastic Diestel Farms locally grown organic turkey, some home-made eggnog, lots of laughter and abundant good blessings, from my household to yours!