Real Estate Market Activity – Calaveras County (30 Days)

The market is hot right now up in the foothills!
Over 100 residential properties have closed escrow in the last month, ranging in sales price from $57,500 up to $945.000!

Sunset from Mountain Ranch.

In the same space of time, 29 parcels of land ranging from $16,500 to $200,000 have sold as well! The “Green Gold Rush”, as we’ve been calling the rush of cannabis growers flocking to Calaveras County, has driven up the price on raw and improved acreage throughout the more rural areas over the last several months, although sales of raw parcels of residential land are staying at a similar level to pre-rush days.

Also, 5 mobile homes in Calaveras County have closed escrow in the last month, ranging in price from $24,000 to $80,000.

All are located in “55 and over” parks in Murphys and San Andreas.

The Calaveras County Association of Realtors® MLS currently shows a total of 439 residential properties available for sale and 513 parcels of land in various stages of improvement, from raw to completely furnished with everything but the house (septic, well, power, building pad, etc.). If you’re in the market for a new home, vacation home, investment property, land, or even a business opportunity, please don’t hesitate to pick up the phone today and give me a call, I’d love to help guide you along the way!

You Want Views? We’ve Got Views!

If there is one thing Calaveras County has, no matter what part of it you’re in, it’s magnificent scenery! From the rolling, oak-studded hills of Burson and Valley Springs, to the jagged, layered-limestone cliffs and bluffs of Mountain Ranch, to the breeze-cooled canyons where the Stan and the Moke and their streams and tributaries flow through the pine- and cedar-filled forests, there are always fantastic views to behold.

Taking a look through the MLS today, I noticed that there are several homes on the market that make the most of their surroundings with views aplenty to enjoy. So without further ado, here they are (in no particular order):

128 Avalanch
The view from 128 Avalanche.

128 Avalanche Bear Valley, CA  95223 is a 1,650 sq ft chalet-style cabin in the high country with 2 bedrooms and 2 baths situated on 0.4 acres of land and currently listed for sale at $449,000.

3136 Meacham Ranch Rd., Angels Camp
3136 Meacham Ranch Rd., Angels Camp

3136 Meacham Ranch Road Angels Camp, CA  95221 is a boutique winery with over 900 vines, 16 olive trees, 2 wine cellars and lots of room to grow on it’s 5+ acres, besides having a gorgeous 1890 sq ft, 3 bedroom, 2 bath home with large patio and bocce ball court only 3 miles or so north of Angels Camp. It is currently listed for sale at $495,000.




The view from 14549 Waldears Path
The view from 14549 Waldears Path



14549 Waldears Path Mountain Ranch, CA  95246 is a 75+ acre horse property with a custom 2200 sq ft, 3 bedroom 3 bathroom cabin in the woods above the sleepy town of Sheep Ranch. The views from this mountain paradise, currently listed at $648,900, are phenomenal!




View from 3155 Hawver Rd. near San Andreas
View from 3155 Hawver Rd. near San Andreas


3155 Hawver San Andreas, CA  95249 boasts 2(!) 2 bedroom 2 bath homes on over 52 acres with a total of over 2500 ft of living space! This is off the grid living at it’s finest, with solar-power, a giant water storage tank, and tons of space for gardening, as well as some superlative views of the surrounding foothills! This amazing property is currently available for only $600,000!


View of 18 John Ebbetts Rd. home in Bear Valley
View of 18 John Ebbetts Rd. home in Bear Valley



18 John Ebbetts Bear Valley, CA  95223 is a real life ski chalet in the winter and a wonderful getaway cabin in the summer! It is situated on 0.37 acres of property between Bear Valley Village and Bear Lake, has an incredibly cozy-feeling 3000 sq ft of living space with 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and it’s own sauna! This glorious home with panoramic views from almost every window is currently available for $539,000!



If you own a home with amazing views like these, share your favorite view pictures with me on Facebook, and I’ll be sure to include them in a future article on this subject!

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Recently Sold Properties in Calaveras County – $400K and Up

Here’s a listing of everything that has sold in Calaveras County (that was listed for sale in our MLS) with a home already on it over the last month: (You can click on the link for a more detailed copy of the information and pictures!).

Sold Listings 8-26-15

246 Blair Mine Rd., Angels Camp, CA 95222 – listed at $409,000 – sold for $409,000 – DaysOnMarket = 98, 3 bedroom/2 bath, 1907 sq ft, 0.28 acres

3985 Paolini, Valley Springs, CA 95252 – listed at $419,900 – sold for $412,000 – DOM = 82, 4 br/2.5 ba, 3168 sq ft, 3.1 acres

2570 Navajo Dr., Dorrington, CA 95223 – listed at $429,500 – sold for $415,000 – DOM = 8, 3br/2.5 ba, 1920 sq ft, 0.5 acres

177 Oakridge Dr., Valley Springs, CA 95252 – listed at $459,000 – sold for $440,000 – DOM = 26, 3 br/3.5 ba, 2626 sq ft, 5.38 acres

5617 Indian Hills Rd., Murphys, CA 95247 – listed at $469,000 – sold for $445,000 – DOM = 18, 4 br/3 ba, 3828 sq ft, 5.3 acres

1759 Thunderbolt Trail, Arnold, CA 95223 – listed at $499,000 – sold for $460,000 – DOM = 59, 3 br/3.5 ba, 2533 sq ft, 1.36 acres

1198 Hanging Tree, Murphys, CA 95247 – listed at $499,000 – sold for $484,000 – DOM = 61, 3 br/2 ba, 1788 sq ft, 5.61 acres

116 Bloods Ridge Rd., Bear Valley, CA 95223 – listed at $519,000 – sold for $495,000 – DOM = 294, 5 br/4 ba, 2500 sq ft, 0.33 acres

663 Smith Flat Rd., Angels Camp, CA 95222 – listed at $529,000 – sold for $500,000 – DOM = 397, 3 br/2 ba, 2566 sq ft, .044 acres

3960 Meadow Oaks Dr., Valley Springs, CA 95252 – listed at $529,000 – sold for $510,000 – DOM = 142, 3br/3 ba, 2170 sq ft, 5.72 acres

2304 Dardanelle Vista, Dorrington, CA 95223 – listed at $549,500 – sold for $520,000 – DOM = 30, 3 br/2.5 ba, 2528 sq ft, 0.55 acres

1101 Cub Court, Arnold, CA 95223 – listed at $649,000 – sold for $640,000 – DOM = 22, 4 br/3 ba, 3560 sq ft, 1.0 acres

2491 Oak Creek Dr., Copperopolis, CA 95228 – listed at $699,000 – sold for $675,000 – DOM = 29, 3 br/3.5 ba, 3131 sq ft, 0.3 acres



Feet Draggers; Why Some Listings Sit on the Market For Too Long

clip art rat dragging cat by tail

You’re trying to sell your home. You’re working with a Realtor, but it’s been on the market for months and no one even wants to come take a look at it. You’ve held open houses, you had all the inspections and clearances performed, and a professional stager even came in to make your home look like one a buyer would want to invest in – the stage is literally set. Even so, you feel like the Realtors in your area are ignoring your property and selling everything else around you.

Your agent has it listed on every online site that lists homes for sale, and you are getting views, but no one is calling. The marketing is there – your home is visible and ready, but it just won’t sell. There are three things that are going to directly contribute to getting your house sold, and they are entirely in your hands as the owner of the property. The easiest way for you to remember them is to remember the acronym PAC. (No, not as in Political Action Committee. As in “How I long to PACk up and move, let me count the ways…!”)

It stands for Price, Availability, and Condition.


The most important contributor to the sale of your property is going to be the amount you set as your sales price. Your Realtor will look on the market for properties that are comparable to yours which have sold in the last six months or so, and will likely give you a range of prices in which your property will likely sell, based on those comps.

Listen to your Realtor! I know you just spent $15K a year ago to have your driveway poured and stamped, even though the concrete that was previously there was still in good shape. I know you spent $10K having a separate deck built for your sauna so that you could access it directly from your bedroom. I know you had a pond dug because you like the sound of the frogs chirping in the evening. I know you’ve had the bathroom fixtures replaced with all-pink versions because it’s your absolute favorite color in the world. But many of these “improvements” are actually valueless when it comes to setting a price for your home. Consider the money you invested in projects that personalized your home as an investment in your enjoyment of the home while you lived there. The value represented by them in the ultimate valuation of your property is going to be nil or less than that – they may actually detract from the value of your home! 

Listen to your Realtor! Your Realtor is not going to sell you short just to put another notch on his or her belt, your Realtor really wants to get you the best price possible on your home! But if you start tens or hundreds of thousands above what the market is indicating your house should sell for, your listing is going to get stale. And then the worst thing happens: people stop looking at it altogether!

So my last piece of advice on this aspect of selling your home is LISTEN TO YOUR REALTOR! Take their experienced opinion and advice regarding what the market value (ie. the price it will sell for) of your property is, and set the price accordingly. And if they tell you that you need to drop the price because your home isn’t selling after a couple or even several months, do it! If you actually get to a place that is below market value, you will likely have multiple offers come in that will end up competing to be the winning bid, and that will bring it back up to market value.


This part is easy. If you want to sell your home, you must make it available for buyers to check it out! Let your Realtor put a lockbox on the front gate, door, or nearby spigot. Let your Realtor put a sign out front to inform the neighborhood that it’s available for sale. Ask your Realtor to hold an open house or ten (unless your home is extremely rural, in which case you can expect your Realtor to sit there for hours without a soul tell his troubles to). Let buyers stop by with their (or your) agent on their whim. I know it sucks, but allow yourself to be inconvenienced for the sake of getting buyers in there to fall in love with the idea of owning this home. Realtors are charged with making sure that your belongings stay where they belong, that lights get turned off, and that doors are locked before they depart. But they don’t have a chance to do that if you only set a limited schedule of availability for showings. They can’t do that if the available appointment times don’t fit into their buyer’s schedules. And if they can’t get their buyers in to see your property right now today, chances are they are going to sell their buyers something else.

Oh, and another thing. When a Realtor brings a buyer over to look at your home, make yourself scarce. I don’t mean leave the room when they come in, I mean leave. Period. No one will openly discuss the pros and cons of this home over another if the owner is standing anywhere nearby. If you must know what happened when you weren’t there, install a nanny-cam and watch the footage after the showing is over. But when a potential buyer is being shown your home, you really need to go somewhere else. As most showings take a half an hour or less, it really isn’t much of an inconvenience in the long run.


If you have a professional stager come in and do their thing, they will advise you how best to maintain the look after they’ve gone. If you followed a set of guidelines for staging your own home (your Realtor can provide them to you), you’ll want to make sure that you go back over them at least once a week to make sure you are maintaining your home in show-ready condition. If you had inspections performed and work needs to be done, make sure to inform your Realtor when you schedule that work to be done, so that he can make alternate arrangements for showings at those times, and provide copies of the clearances once work is completed so that he can share those with potential buyers. Likewise, if work needs to be done and you plan on leaving it up to the buyer, you’ll need to take that into consideration when negotiating a less-than-asking offer price from a potential buyer. The main thing is to make sure that your home is tidy and as filled-with-light as possible for showings. And be willing to be flexible regarding the price if any aspect of your home’s condition is less than stellar.

So, in conclusion, the three main reasons your home is still sitting on the market are Price (it’s too high), Accessibility (you’re not making it available enough for prospective buyers to see), and Condition (clean it up, make it show-ready). Don’t just sit there lamenting the fact that you can’t find a buyer. Your buyer is out there – waiting for you to make their choice easy by making your home fit their expectations. Call your Realtor today and find out what they think you should do to make that happen!